That #DemDebate

Screen shot 2016-04-15 at 12.31.14 AM.pngHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had their big New York City debate tonight from Brooklyn’s Navy Yard and it’s no surprise that it was the hottest ticket in town. This primary season has overtaken hot topics at every cafe and restaurant in town over the past 2 weeks. And from the sounds of impassioned infighting, the spotlight won’t be leaving granny and zaidie anytime soon.

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What striked me the most as a Hillary supporter (#YaaasHillary #imwithher #Hillarysoqualified) is how often Bernie kept moaning, groaning, face-making and pointing at her. He also interrupted and tried to hammer on details that seemed to be non-issues, like social security reform or minimum wage, where she said enthusiastically no less (and has said before) they’re on the same page. (I’ve watched all the debates so far, it’s true.)

When she spoke of her work as Secretary of State working together with the Palestine Authority, Hamas, Israel and the Muslim Brotherhood to broker peace in the middle of the night in 2012, I understood she already has her hands wet there. It’s not to say she condones the use of disproportionate force against the Palestinians, but she noted as is rarely done-

No one ever acknowledges the failure of the Palestinian leadership to seize on the chance for a two-state solution. It’s always all or nothing, even dating back to pre-Holocaust 1939 when the Mufti of Jerusalem rejected a British proposal that would allow restricted Jewish immigration and Palestinian statehood to come. Instead, local Arabs were either killed or forced out in 1948.

And she hammered her point home-

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via Washington Post transcript

THANK YOU Hillary Clinton for reminding everyone of the extreme difficulties faced from a terrorist regime that only wants Israel’s destruction, funded by those who feel just the same. They could’ve built up Gaza to be as glam as Tel Aviv or Beirut; it’s the same bit of land for God’s sake, but instead, it’s a chaotic breeding ground for terrorism, oppression and epic human rights violations. There’s no one in Israel plotting to erase Palestinians or blow them up (at least not officially), but self-defense is a country’s right.

Bernie just doesn’t know enough. He doesn’t get it. And tonight, he showed his lack of policy and specifics. All the #feelthebern bros might not get it yet either. America should be more like Canada, Norway or all the other great socialist countries, but we can’t get there overnight. We need to steer the course and get Democrats into congress to have viable partners to access change. Finger-pointing won’t cut it.

And you know, if Hillary Clinton let Sanders get to her with bitchy faces and eyes rolling, the mainstream media would cut her up just because she’s a woman. You know it’s true. No man wants to see a man scolded by a woman on national TV because men are riddled with ego and then their heads might just explode. So while Hillary’s treading a fine line, men can uncross their legs for now, but only until Trump gets up there because the shit will hit the proverbial fan.


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